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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fort Hays State University(FHSU) grants and scholarships

Fort Hays State University(FHSU) is co-educational University by the Kansas Board of Regents established in 1902 in Kansas State. It has its own provisions to provide grant and scholarships. The University has received a $1.1 million grants for math, science education. The University wants to improve their teaching in math and science. That is why, it has been granted.

The Fort Hays State University encouraged mathematics and science education among their students. University has tied-up with Noyce Foundation through NSF(National Science Foundation). The NSF has helped in their good steps towards this program.

Grant Information

Grant will be distributed in two phase, one is $12,000 for students studying to become teachers and next $2,400 for stipends for students who want to get summer jobs and for math and science students.

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